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I have been teaching baking skills for free in the last 2 months for single mums and to ladies who wanted to learn basic baking  but were unable to pay the fees.


I taught them basic muffins, savoury muffins, cup cakes with frosting, German Marble crumble Cake, Nuttella Blossoms  to name a few.



I am happy to note that each of them had learned well and now have the confidence to bake on their own. Some of them have been baking recipes from cookbooks etc. They have sent pictures of their bakes and I feel so proud of them.

I will open up more free classes if I can make some time and get a bigger venue to accommodate more ladies.










Alot of work goes into planning the classes – from creating recipes to buying the right ingredients and providing the refreshments.


I derive much happiness in teaching and to impart my passion and knowledge to anyone who is keen.



I would rather teach a person to fish instead of giving a fish to eat.

I am not posing any pictures of the ladies who came to my classes but only pictures of their bakes.



Dear ladies – who attended my classes – you know who you are,  keep on baking and keep on learning!  Keep in touch. Feel free to call me if you have any queries in baking. I will gladly assist.

4 thoughts on “FREE BAKING CLASSES

  1. Dear Renga
    I am interested to attend your free baking classes.
    About myself. My name is Sng Bee Lian. My age is 52, single and unemployed.
    Please let me know date, time and place of the class.
    Thank You!

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