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Ayam Belado

ayam belado 2


Ayam belado means tangy chicken sambal in the Indonesian language.

Sambal refers to any dish that contains ground chilli paste which is cooked with some other ingredients to make it very palatable and appetising.  Most people I know drool over a very good sambal. You will drool over this too as it is ridiculously easy and tasty to make.

This chicken dish has been a family favourite for some time.  Simple as it is and goes very well with rice or chappati or other staples. I have actually tweaked the recipe which I got from a  friend’s mother, and she learnt it from her mother! Some recipes are generations old and soo good!

I wrote the recipe while she verbally gave me the ‘hows’ to do it.  In her recipe she used fresh red chillies and chilli padi (Bird’s eye chilli). This will make this dish very very hot.  You may want to try it especially those of you who love extremely hot food.  Or you may substitute red chillies to fresh green chillies .

I have tried many versions but this version is very simple, tested and tried many times over.


ayam belado 1


You may want to grind the ingredients for the ground paste in double portions as you can freeze it to do other variations of this dish, using squid, prawns or fish.  So go ahead and cook it and give me comments or if you have any questions, I will gladly answer them.

 ayam belado 3


Chicken Korma

chicken korma 2


Probably there are many versions of korma, but my version is simple, white and delicious.

There is no coriander or chilli powder in this curry. Korma is a Moghul creation which is flavoured with nuts, spices and rich cream. I have followed the Moghul tradition to make this curry (this recipe was given to me by a dear friend who is a great cook of Moghul cuisine), so it is very different from the ones that we get in the usual restaurants.

Even though it is different in looks, the korma is to die for! It goes very well with crusty bread, chappati, or any flatbread as well as simple, plain white rice. As it is very mild, non-spicy food eaters will love this curry! So when serving with rice, I always add a hot chutney to go with it.


chicken korma 1


This is a dish that I don’t really like to order whenever I go to a restaurant, because it always comes out as a fusion curry of sorts, or simply a gravy with coconut and coriander. And I never get the authentic korma. That’s a disappointment! The only restaurant that you can get a good korma is usually at a fine dining restaurant serving Moghul cuisine which is what I like very much! When the waiter brings it to you, the aroma of the korma hits you and you must dig in quickly!

My version is exactly that and you will see the difference immediately once you have made it.

It is fragrant, mild and aromatic! Make it and I want to hear from you!


Thai Green Curry Chicken

green curry chicken 2


As I have mentioned in my Thai Green Curry paste recipe, this is a dish that I have learnt from Thai friends and some chefs when I visited Thailand many years ago. I have received many good comments that this is one of the best and most authentic Thai curry that they have eaten. I always serve this curry with fluffy white jasmine rice. Just goes so well that you can just keep on eating and eating! And the baby eggplants and brinjals – they taste so great in this curry. Do make it and I am sure you too will be asked to make this curry more often!


green curry chicken 1



Spinach & Chicken Meatballs


This is one of the most simplest recipes and now with the Air Fryer, it becomes easier. I don’t usually eat fried food or fry in oil for health’s sake.  But the air fryer makes me want to eat them – air fried!

You can have these meatballs in sandwiches, a snack, a side dish or even as a main course with a simple salad and roast potatoes.



I make this with many variations and usually add any vegetable that I have on that day. You can form it into different shapes as per your liking.

It is tasty on its own or with some tomato/chilli sauce if preferred.

When I have unexpected guests, I will make this in a jiffy and it goes well for tea time too.

It is a fast to cook – good to eat recipe. Do make it. You and your family will enjoy it too.

This time it was lunch and I made Olive Samba Rice to eat with the meatballs.


Claypot Chicken Rice

claypot chicken rice


I have been making this one-dish rice recipe since my 2 girls were little. It is a complete dish with carbohydrates, proteins and vegetables. I can play around with the ratio of each depending on who will be eating on that day.  For me, I love more vegetables so I add extra cabbage, bak choy or even spinach.

Always use a whole chicken, bones and all, as it makes the rice very tasty.  I have made this rice dish using different varieties of rice such as basmati, jasmine, brown etc. Each time, the dish tastes fabulous. A great dish for celebrating birthdays with the young ones!


chinchalok chicken

Chinchalok Chicken

chinchalok chicken


This is a dish that uses Chinchalok to give it a unique taste.

Chinchalok is a Malaccan food made from fermented baby shrimps or krill. You need to add fresh red chillies, lime juice and shallots to make it as a condiment. Usually, it is a sauce for steamed or barbecued seafood. It is considered a delicacy as I have seen most older folks enjoying steamed cockles with this condiment at open air food centres and coffee shops. Nowadays, though, you can get a bottle of chinchalok sauce in a supermarket and cook many dishes with it. I am using chicken today.

If you like food that is a little spicy, lemony, and salty, then this dish will definitely become one of your favourite chicken dishes. It goes very well with steamed rice or chappati. Importantly, it’s so quick and easy too. If you want to have more gravy, increase the amount of water, chinchalok and onions in the dish.