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Hi-protein and nutritious dessert just for you!



I am lucky to have travelled extensively and I have been to Vietnam twice.  I enjoyed Vietnamese food served there and I still do.  Infact their cooking is very easy to adapt and their use of multiple fresh herbs really made me  happy. Well I like herbs a lot in my cooking too.

There are just so many savoury  dishes that I enjoyed but I would like to share a simple dessert which is easy and very tasty just like  kueh (generic term for Malaysian dessert)

This dessert cake is unlike western buttery cake. Instead it is more of a pudding than a cake. It is  so easy to make and it is delicious if you like beans. And when  it is made of beans, it becomes very nutritious – how often can we find protein rich desserts!  Surprisingly this dessert is not found in most Vietnamese restaurants.

This is one of the desserts that I taught in my community centre recently  and my participants enjoyed it so much.


Kuih Lopes

lopez 3


The main ingredient in this kuih (cake in the Malay language; pronounced: kway) is the glutinous rice.

It’s one of my favourite ingredients, but then I like it sweet and fragrant.  I am not keen on and I do not like savoury food items using glutinous rice. Many sweet glutinous rice recipes are serikaya, wajek, chendol, pulut inti, mango with glutinous rice and the list goes on (I will post the processes of making these in due course).

As the calorie content of these sweet delicacies can go sky high, I eat it moderately. Inevitably, most Malaysian kuihs are loaded with palm sugar and coconut, which make them really delectable and so divine.


lopez 1


One such kuih is kuih lopes (pronounced: lo-pez). Some years ago, my aunt, who is also a very good cook, visited me with a bouquet of kueh lopes. I always thought it is very difficult to do; my aunt told me otherwise.

I took the plunge to do it myself as I could not find a good-tasting lopes in the food shops. The preparation may be a little long, but once you plan the process of making it, it becomes doable and you get immense pleasure when eating it with friends. It is a good idea to do more as it can be shared with family and friends.

Most of us like to buy it, but when you do it yourself, you can be assured of good quality ingredients and hence a very best tasting kuih, which can be eaten for breakfast or as a dessert snack (for me it’s a breakfast/lunch/dinner and anytime snack too – oh oh!! – I can never resist kuih lopes).


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