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Ondeh Ondeh

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Selamat Hari Raya to everyone who celebrates Hari Raya! It’s a special day for all my Muslim friends, and this sweet treat is bound to delight.

Sweet potatoes are a good source of nutrition and I make it a point to add them to my menu at least once a week.   I have it steamed in its jacket for brekkie or as a snack.

A friend once told me to substitute sweet potatoes with rice twice a day for 2 weeks so as to lose some weight. I haven’t tried it though.

But I like it, that’s all, and I cook it many ways as possible, but then, most of the time it becomes a dessert. Ondeh Ondeh is just one of them.

Ondeh Ondeh is a traditional Malaysian/Nyonya delicacy. The recipe varies, some using flour alone as the main ingredient. In fact, most of the Ondeh Ondeh sold at food shops are made with flour, which I do not prefer.

My recipe uses steamed sweet potatoes; of course any variety would do as each tastes different, but good.


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Ondeh Ondeh’s main trick is that you need to put 1 whole Ondeh Ondeh into your mouth and let the explosion of melted gula Melaka oozing out mingle with the fluffy sweet potato – so satisfying!

You’ve got to try it and you will know what I mean!

It may look time consuming, but once you get the ingredients, the end result becomes gratifying!