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Thai Green Curry Chicken

green curry chicken 2


As I have mentioned in my Thai Green Curry paste recipe, this is a dish that I have learnt from Thai friends and some chefs when I visited Thailand many years ago. I have received many good comments that this is one of the best and most authentic Thai curry that they have eaten. I always serve this curry with fluffy white jasmine rice. Just goes so well that you can just keep on eating and eating! And the baby eggplants and brinjals – they taste so great in this curry. Do make it and I am sure you too will be asked to make this curry more often!


green curry chicken 1



Thai Green Curry Paste

green curry chicken 3


I was introduced to Thai cuisine when I visited Thailand many years ago. During those days, the only Thai restaurant in Singapore which served very good and authentic Thai food was Silk Road in Tanjong Pagar. It was very expensive to dine there. Since I was drawn to Thai food, I decided to test Thai recipes from various sources and some Thai friends. The basic ingredient is the Thai curry paste, there are many types depending on what you are cooking. It is quite easy to identify the curry pastes as they call it green, red etc., according to the colour of the curry.

So here it is – my own basic Thai green curry paste. The ingredients may be daunting, but it is very well worth the trouble. You can find all the ingredients in Asian grocery stores or if in Singapore, Tekka market has everything. This basic green curry paste is versatile as you can be creative and use it for other dishes, not only for Thai green curry chicken (recipe for which can be found on my blog as well). I appreciate your comments, of course.

How to use this paste:

  1. You can make Thai green curry with chicken or vegetables of your choice, brussel sprouts are so nice.
  2. You can stir fry seafood especially prawns, clams or squid.
  3. You can rub the paste on salmon steaks or fillets and pan fry or bake.
  4. So the possibilities are endless, once you have the basics – your recipe will taste wonderful and authentically Thai!


mango glutinous rice 2

Mango & Glutinous Rice Dessert

mango glutinous rice 2

 Who doesn’t love mango, and when combined with glutinous  rice – it tastes divine!

 I have loved this dessert since I ate it in Bangkok about 25  years ago. It was my first visit then,  and my friendly  Thai guide insisted that this was a dessert that I had to eat.  Indeed, it was really  delicious and it still is one of my  favourite til’ today.

 Recently, I happened to receive a huge mango from Yangon,  and instantly thought of making  this dessert. Now, I have  done this many times in the typical Thai way, but I tried a  new  healthier version and it was divine too! The secret lies in  the virgin coconut oil – a tiny amount  goes a long way.

 So here it goes – I am sure you will agree that not only is it a  fragrant dish, but it tastes  absolutely yummy as well.