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Most recipes you find in books or online tend to either follow the Metric or the Imperial systems. It’s not difficult to convert between the two although it can get confusing! For example, a U.S. cup is typically 237ml, whereas others use 250ml (I count myself in the latter group).

Google usually comes in handy for many conversions, as there are several websites out there that have conversion calculators. You can also use a converter app on your phone for quick and easy conversions between units.

One thing to note, however, for cups to grams or vice versa, it generally depends on the type of ingredient. The GoodtoKnow website is one of my favourite resources for converting based on the ingredient.

I’ve included a list of common conversions below for reference.

Temperature Conversions

140°C = 275°F  = gas mark 1
150°C = 300°F = gas mark 2
165°C = 325°F = gas mark 3
180°C = 350°F = gas mark 4
190°C = 375°F = gas mark 5
200°C = 400°F = gas mark 6
220°C = 425°F = gas mark 7
230°C = 450°F = gas mark 9
240°C = 475°F = gas mark 10

Cup to Metric

1 tsp = 5ml
1 tbsp = 15ml (= 3 tsp)
1/4 cup = 60ml
1/3 cup = 80ml
1/2 cup = 125ml
3/4 cup = 180ml
1 cup = 250ml
1 1/4 cups = 310ml
1 1/2 cups = 375ml
1 3/4 cups = 430ml
2 cups = 500ml
4 cups = 1L
10 cups = 2.5L


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