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My Say

It has been more than a year since I started this blog, have received many wishes, enquiries, tips and many more.

I thank all my friends and everyone who has given me opportunity to teach them, share recipes etc.

I am willing to share answers to your doubts in cooking/baking so feel free to ask and I will answer to the best of my ability or will check with some chefs that I know.

I have restarted my baking classes, cosy group as I want to give attention to each and everyone.  The classes will be interactive and fun. Classes are for families, children, and friends and anyone who wants to learn and bake.  I was glad to know that some students have made it a career  by selling their baked goods  learning from me.  I am very proud of them.  All of my students will have access to special benefits along the way.   Pl see Baking classes Category in this website for more details.

Today food is the one that brings people, families together.  Make it an enjoyable meal even if it is just a plain sandwich.  Give some thought on hygienic practices and get your groceries from sources that are legitimate and clean.  Plan your meals ahead as you can save lots.  Certain supermarkets have fresh produce in the mornings. Go for it. Or  pool yourself with other people and buy at wholesale prices.  Saves time and money.

One student told me that she buys 1 whole chicken and can make at least 3 dishes to serve on 3 occasions.

I guess this is the way to go. Instead of buying parts of a chicken which is slightly more expensive – 1 whole chicken can definitely give more mileage.

Same goes for a whole fish.  Usually I will buy one whole salmon and share with friends who need a few fillets.

I also make my helper happy as she loves to cook the fish head in her filipino style and she enjoys it so much.

Little changes to make our everyday life smoother is the way to go.  Be happy. Make someone else happy too.


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