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Solutions, Not Problems

I have kept myself very busy for the most part of my years while growing up, as well as in my working years. I cant remember where I just took time off just to laze. I never did!

But today I realize work balance is key to living life well.

Many of us are pushed to do better so as to give our loved ones a better life. But is this really true? Are we preparing our young ones to face the world by protecting and spoon feeding them?

It is time that we need to look at our parenting/teaching methods because what we need to do is to get our children to face adversities and learn how to bounce back. Our children seem to have all and when there is a setback they just cant cope. They go to the extreme – give up everything. They forget that there is a life in front of them to learn and enjoy.

Life is full of unexpected results and problems. We need to accept this and learn to switch to solve them instead of giving up. Where are the virtues of patience and tolerance?

Dear friends, give a thought please.

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