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Thai Green Curry Paste

green curry chicken 3


I was introduced to Thai cuisine when I visited Thailand many years ago. During those days, the only Thai restaurant in Singapore which served very good and authentic Thai food was Silk Road in Tanjong Pagar. It was very expensive to dine there. Since I was drawn to Thai food, I decided to test Thai recipes from various sources and some Thai friends. The basic ingredient is the Thai curry paste, there are many types depending on what you are cooking. It is quite easy to identify the curry pastes as they call it green, red etc., according to the colour of the curry.

So here it is – my own basic Thai green curry paste. The ingredients may be daunting, but it is very well worth the trouble. You can find all the ingredients in Asian grocery stores or if in Singapore, Tekka market has everything. This basic green curry paste is versatile as you can be creative and use it for other dishes, not only for Thai green curry chicken (recipe for which can be found on my blog as well). I appreciate your comments, of course.

How to use this paste:

  1. You can make Thai green curry with chicken or vegetables of your choice, brussel sprouts are so nice.
  2. You can stir fry seafood especially prawns, clams or squid.
  3. You can rub the paste on salmon steaks or fillets and pan fry or bake.
  4. So the possibilities are endless, once you have the basics – your recipe will taste wonderful and authentically Thai!


Clockwise from top right: pink galangal, yellow galangal (these are different types of galangal - either of which can be used), lemon grass stalk, kaffir lime, kaffir lime leaves, baby eggplants, brinjals, Thai basil
Clockwise from top right: pink galangal, yellow galangal (these are different types of galangal – either of which can be used), lemon grass stalks, kaffir limes, kaffir lime leaves, baby eggplants, Thai brinjals, Thai basil



2 tbsp coriander seeds

1 tbsp cumin seeds

1 tsp peppercorns

3 tbsp galangal (also known as lengkuas), sliced

½ cup garlic cloves, peeled

4 stalks lemongrass, sliced

1 cup shallots, sliced

10 stalks cilantro roots, sliced

2 tsp shrimp paste or powder (optional)

Kaffir lime, just the zest (half of 1 lime should be enough)*

25 green chilli padi (reduce this if you do not want it to be too spicy)

1 tsp salt (only use if not using shrimp paste)



Toast the coriander seeds, cumin seeds and peppercorn gently on a dry saucepan (use a medium flame).

Grind this with all the ingredients. Add some water to make it to a paste.



* If you cannot find kaffir lime, just leave it out. It’s difficult to replace it with any other. The aroma is very different from other limes/lemon. Please don’t use lemon zest.

Extra paste can be used within 1 week if left in the fridge.

Or you may freeze it for about 2 months.

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