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Last year, 2017  has been a year of mistakes, failures and achievements.

I was focused for just 2 months and I was able to achieve what I needed to do in 12 months.

So where did my remaining 10 months go?

I reflected and I realize I was giving my time for others’ well being.

During the 10 months I did not earn a penny but was giving,  giving.  giving.

My time and love for friends, family, charity and  voluntary work !

No regrets but I realized lots:

how people make use of your genuine kindness;

how people manipulate;

how people lie to make themselves superior;

how people behave when they are in positions;

how your extended family interprets you;

how people are not happy when you are successful;

and so much more.  Mind you – these are the same people that you had spent time with and they are not strangers!

I have been least bothered about such all this while, but this is the first time I gave some thought because when situations came about,   it was indeed very very painful especially when your trusted friends of many many years lie.

My mind thoughts were racing and I was restless. Yes it was very upsetting. But not for long. I decided to push my energies into my passion for cooking and baking instead. I baked so much that many times I forgot to take pictures of them and sometimes even forgot to write down the recipes!

I took up meditation. Spurts of few minutes each time throughout the day. – this led me to beautiful thoughts and kept me going.

I also started to spend time on myself like watching a musical, going for walks on my own, painting & coloring, and of course reading!

I came to realize, come what may, don’t dwell, move on. We come into this world on our own. Fix yourself not others. Don’t regret. If it happened. let it go. Let others be what they want to be. There is no right or wrong. Do what your heart says and do the right things right.

There are far too many beautiful things to ponder, see and maybe watch and do too. Make peace within.

Do that and life becomes beautiful once again in my natural lens.

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