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I Have a Positive Mind. Do you?

Stay positve be positive, switch to positivity each time you feel negative.

I am so tuned to this after I went to a mind blowing course at Janda Baik many years ago.

The trainer who was a Colonel together with his wife were excellent in imparting postitivity in me. I have never felt better in life. I have gone through some tough times, but this training has helped me tremendously.  I want to thank them profusely.

One analogy that was used was the SWITCH to turn off and on.

Just switch on or off whenever negative thoughts creeps in – I was told. From then somehow or rather each time I see a switch anywhere I turn my postive mode on.

Nothing bothers me – I keep calm and cool. Always ask what can be the worst thing that can happen – will I be able to accept that, If yes then there is no issue, if no then learn to cope.


To help you further always look at the end result and work backwards from there.

You will have more resources and energy to reach your end result and objectives as you already visualize it.

Have inner peace and calm. It is no point to have a mind when a rat goes round and round. Give yourself some 10 to 20 minutes of me-time and cultivate the inner peace. You will feel better and sometimes realization and answers will just appear.

All of us go through some form of conflict, unhappiness and exasperation. Write down your anger instead. Let out your fear, anger, frustration and everything negative which surrounds you on paper.   Then after a few minutes, tear out the paper slowly and release the tension within you. You will feel so much better . You will feel refreshed and then forgiveness will surface and everything is all smiles again.


Exercise your mind and body. Physical exercise takes care of your body , need not specially go the gym, a walk around your homeground for 30 minutes daily is sufficient. Importantly your mind must be detoxed as well. It removes all toxins and you have a beautiful mind after that.

Don’t ever fall prey to negative comments or irritations from others. Just leave them be, Dont get flustered and learn to let go. Don’t carry any burden that doesn’t belong to you.


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