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Travel Eats and More

I travelled to Northern Italy and did a side trip to St moritz in Switzerland just recently.

Of course food was predominant in my thoughts and will share my experiences which will be useful for you.  (Will post some recipes that I collected along the way)

In Milan can you get away without savoring the risotto ala milanese?  No way!  We had this and a basic cheese pizza and some roast chicken in a restaurant near Duomo ( beautiful cathedral) right in the city. Pix below.  Also a place where you can buy all branded items, such as Gucci etc. Beautiful location to walk around and you can pop into the shops to look at beautiful and very expensive luxury items.

As it was Milan Fashion Week, I caught some celebrities ( Victoria Beckam and many more) at the restaurant next to the one where I was eating.

Coming back to the food, the Risotto was exquisite, every bite al dente as it should be and the fragrance of saffron whispering in your palate as you eat slowly.

The Pizza was thinly crusted and the cheese heavenly.  Lots of it and I loved it.  I finished the whole pizza by myself. ( Very very thin crust ..)

The Roast Chicken was not that fantastic having tasted many interesting variations here in Singapore and other countries.   Apparently in that restaurant all roast dishes do not come with any sauce, so it was quite a disappointment. ( I learnt that is the case in most restaurants in Milan)

To end the meal, I had the Hot Chocolate.  Oh my,  one the best chocolate in a cup, the Italians know how to make and savor chocolate.  Hot melted chocolate, thick & gooey and every spoonful was a delight.  What was missing, maybe were churros. ( oh just kidding) ( In Spain churros are served with melted chocolate – a lovely dessert).  There was this fascinating dessert trolley, starring right before me and which had tiramisu, panna cotta and many fruity dessserts with cream etc, but then I can eat no more…..  Really can’t!

More to come…….

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