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Thai Green Curry Chicken

green curry chicken 2


As I have mentioned in my Thai Green Curry paste recipe, this is a dish that I have learnt from Thai friends and some chefs when I visited Thailand many years ago. I have received many good comments that this is one of the best and most authentic Thai curry that they have eaten. I always serve this curry with fluffy white jasmine rice. Just goes so well that you can just keep on eating and eating! And the baby eggplants and brinjals – they taste so great in this curry. Do make it and I am sure you too will be asked to make this curry more often!


green curry chicken 1


Clockwise from top right:
Clockwise from top centre: lemongrass stalks, coriander leaves, baby eggplants, Thai brinjals, garlic, red and green chillies, kaffir limes, kaffir lime leaves, yellow galangal, pink galangal, onions, Thai basil. Centre of photo: limau kasturi (small limes) – this ended up not being used in the recipe!


From top: green chillies, red chilli padi, green chilli padi, red chillies. The smaller chillies (chilli padi) are much hotter than the regular-sized chillies!
From top: green chillies, red chilli padi, green chilli padi, red chillies. The smaller chillies (chilli padi is the common Southeast Asian name, but they are also known as Bird’s Eye chillies) are much hotter than the regular-sized chillies!



1 medium sized chicken (1500g), cut into pieces*

1 red chilli, sliced

1 cup coconut milk

4 tablespoons Thai green curry paste

6 Thai brinjals, cut lengthways into 2 **

1 cup baby eggplants**

2 tbsp fish sauce or more to taste

5 kaffir lime leaves

1 stalk Thai basil

½ tbsp sugar

2 cups water or more as required



Heat a pot, pour half of the coconut milk and add the thai green curry paste, as well as 2
cups of water and let it cook for a few minutes.

Add the chicken pieces and 1 tbsp of fish sauce and let it cook gently for 10 minutes on a medium flame.

Add the brinjal, remaining coconut milk and cook till the chicken is almost cooked.

Add the baby eggplants, red chilli, more fish sauce, sugar, and lime leaves. Taste and add more fish sauce if necessary. You can also use whole chilli padi for extra spiciness. Simmer and ensure all vegetables and chicken are cooked perfectly.

Add the whole basil stalk with the leaves. Take the pot off the stove.

Serve with rice or crusty bread.


* Chicken can be cut into 16 pieces (2 thighs, 2 drumsticks, 2 wings, breast and ribs to be cut into 10 pieces). Or you may use just breast meat or drumsticks as per your liking. It will be a good idea to brown the chicken pieces first. This gives another perspective to the curry.

** Thai brinjals/baby eggplants  – use brinjals that you can get at your marketplace.

If you like a more thicker gravy, add another 2 tbsp of the curry paste to the given recipe.

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