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Why Wait?

Sometimes you can just wake up and realize that you must do something.

No procrastination – Beat this habit – it doesn’t give any benefit.

There are just 101 things that can make our lives better.

Simple as telling yourself to smile often.  Or smile at the driver who fetches you or at the grocer when you are buying something.  It is very nice to hear nice words from strangers, why stinge on lovely words.  Make their day and make yours in return because you feel good too.

I always remember my late mother’s words – “if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say it. But be generous with lovely words when the person needs it”.  A little appreciation goes a long way, even among our own family.

Lets not resist change, it is inevitable, isn’t it.  We got to embrace change, no matter what.  When we adopt and adapt – life becomes easier.

Maybe talk less, smile often, have happy and positive thoughts.

Be awesome = forgive someone who has hurt you and get relieved.  If the other person does not change, it is no more your problem,  But you are free.

I find passion in cooking and baking so I don’t feel hurt at all.  When others behave in unsavory manners, brush it off . Transfer your energy into things you love to do.

I love reading since young, but left off during my career building years, now I make it a point to read at least 1 book a week. Sometimes it stretches to 2 weeks, it is alright, at least I read.

So friends don’t worry about resolutions, make simple  changes that will make you feel  happy.

Since January 2017, I have travelled 4 times, read 10 books, taught at my baking classes,  did  2 voluntary sessions of baking classes,  tried  and tested many recipes on top of creating my own {yes, yes will be posting} spent time with very senior citizens who just wanted someone to listen and have coffee with. Spent time with a friend who was admitted in hospital and who had no one.  Not to mention attendance to workshops/seminars etc.

In the next 2 months, I still need to catch up with some old friends that I promised to meet this year.  I will have more baking classes for anyone who want to learn, bake and mingle in a fun way!  Life is revolving fast and I am not complaining.

Enjoy every minute. Make it awesome – only you can do it.  And please, I would love to hear from you, drop some lines for me to connect with you.  That will be awesome too!




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